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Attenuation Test

The Ajax security system allows conducting tests for checking the functionality of connected devices.

The tests do not start straight away but within a period of 36 seconds when using the standard settings. The test time start depends on the settings of the detector scanning period (the paragraph on “Jeweller” in Hub settings).

Devices → [DEVICE] → Settings → Attenuation Test

Test as per European Safety Standard EN50131 Grade 2. The parameter “-6 dB” deliberately decreases radio transmitter power, the parameter “Maximum” increases it.

The attenuation test allows you to decrease or increase radio transmitter power, deliberately simulating a condition change in the room in order to check communication stability between the device and Ajax Hub.

  • Auto — device automatically adjusts the transmitter power level
  • -6 dB — decreases device signal strength by 6 dB
  • Max. Sets transmitter maximum power level.

When the test is completed, it is necessary to select the Auto power level again. Using other modes might cause the batteries to discharge more quickly.

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